In Package Images for Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product

Want more Age of Extinction toy news? You’ve got it! The Ragin’ Nation have uploaded a series of in package images of assorted Transformers 4 movie toys onto their Facebook page. The images include Deluxe Class Dinobot Slash, Voyager Autobot Hound, Voyager Autobot Hound out of package, Voyager Galvatron, and 1 Step Changer Decepticon Stinger. While the images are a bit on the small side, they still provide us with a decent look at what the new packaging will look like on toy store shelves. Hopefully the large “TRANSFORMERS” logo and blocked out bold, contrasted colors will allow the new toys to stand out amongst the rest of the action figures.
Click here to check out the images on The Ragin’ Nation’s Facebook page
tf_4_galvatron_titan_box tf_4_hound_official tf_4_slash_deluxe_card tf_4_stinger_action_box tf_4_voyager_box