Generations Series 05 2014 (Arcee & Chromia) Pushed back to Fall 2014

Thanks to new information from site sponsor BigBadToyStore we now know that Generations Series 05 for will now be delayed from March to Fall 2014. Series 05 is the highly-anticipated Arcee and Chromia wave of Deluxes, which means that the delay may disappoint a number of fans of the two female characters.
Check out the information that BigBadToyStore had sent below:

Thanks again for preordering from BigBadToyStore!
The purpose of this message is to inform you that we have received updated information regarding the arrival date of one of the items you currently have on preorder. We have implemented this feature to give you the most current information possible and help you manage your preorders. The updated information follows:
HAS23637 Generations 2014 Series 05 – Set of 2 – Arcee & Chromia
The estimated time of arrival has been moved from March 2014 to September 2014 due to manufacturer informing us that the assortment containing this set will not be available until the Fall of 2014. We apologize for this delay, and will update our website if there are any further changes.
We hope that this notification has been helpful and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Customer Service department via email or telephone and they will be happy to assist you.
BBTS Customer Care

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