“Dark Cybertron” Chpt. 11/”RiD” No. 27 9-page Preview & “Regeneration One” No. 100 8-page Preview

The penultimate issue and the final issue! Wait, which is which?! Well, Newsarama has the previews up for BOTH Transformers issues from IDW Publishing!
The penultimate issue is that of Dark Cybertron Chapter 11, also known as Robots In Disguise #27, where SOMEONE isn’t going to make it out amidst an invading horde of epic proportions. John Barber and James Roberts on writing duties, with Josh Perez on coloring Andrew Griffith‘s lines. Make sure you’ve read the previous Dark Cybertron chapters first, as well More Than Meets The Eye and RiD!
The final issue is, of course, Regeneration One #100. Where everything gathers to a head since the first issue‘s release back in 1984, of after Optimus’s battle with Fortress Maximus, to Rodimus Prime having to deal with Jhiaxus, and to an unpleasant homecoming. Simon Furman as writer, with a foreword, as well interior lines by Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Guido Guidi, and colors by John-Paul Bove. Cover A is done by Wildman with colors by Jason Cardy, Cover B by Guidi (evoking the original issue), retail incentive Cover A by Senior and colors by Josh Burcham, the subscription cover drawn by Robert Atkins and colored by Romulo Fajardo, Jr. with inks by Juan Castro, and the convention variant done by Wildman with colors by Bove and inks by Stephen Baskerville.
Both issues rolls into shelves this Wednesday, March 19. Voice your thoughts of Dark Cybertron chapter 11 here, and Regeneration One #100 here!