BotCon 2014 Asks “Who is Olin”?

If you’ve been enjoying the reveal of Pirate and Knight characters from this year’s BotCon story, BotCon’s Twitter account keeps the reveals rolling! This time around is a character named “Olin”. Like the previous Twitter reveal all the way back with “Squirm”, Olin appears to be an organic humanoid rather than a Transformer. However, an additional comment might bear repeating in regards to the importance of Olin’s reveal:

This may be our most important reveal to date for 2014… This is a question everyone who is attending BotCon should be asking.

Interesting, no? How this relates to the story as well as the exclusives is still a mystery, but until more information is released, let the speculation commence!
Click here to see the tweet that reveals Olin himself
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