Beast Wars Reborn: Chapter 3 of 4, Planetfall

Translation: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Source: Figure King #99, May 2006
The story so far: Convoy and Megatron have been brought back to life by an ancient Transformer known as “Soundblaster.” He seeks an heir to his power to warp time and space at will, and has singled out Megatron as the candidate! The Ancients were born in the distant past by Primus, the creator of the Transformers. Before he took the form of a planet, he created them as the first clan of robots. Each of them wielded advanced powers far surpassing the races of Transformers that would follow, and they assumed the role of galactic protectors, journeying across the unending reaches of space and time. But among them was one who had gradually lost sight of his objective. Buried in the darkness of time, his very existence had come to be forgotten. Here on the Astral Plane, Vector Prime had at last been reunited with his onetime comrade, the lost Ancient.“Once, there was an Ancient called ‘Logos Prime,’” recalled Vector Prime as he drew upon his memories. “His skill over space and time was greater than my own, and he used those powers diligently for the good of all. He was the bearer of a mighty soul. The mere thought of him passing his hallowed duties away to a heretic is inconceivable!”
“Indeed… for the Ancient known as Logos Prime is no more,” answered Soundblaster, his astral form enveloped in flickering light. “What now stands before you is but a living corpse with a shattered soul, awaiting imminent destruction.” With these words, the long object on his right arm unfolded, and holding it like a projectile weapon, he moved to attack Vector Prime.
“My brother…! What has become of you?” With a woeful expression, Vector Prime unsheathed the sword from his back.
Meanwhile, in the physical realm, within the abyss that had until just moments earlier existed as a control hub… Convoy furiously hurled himself towards Soundblaster, but struck back by the directed infrasonic waves emitted by his opponent, his resistance proved ineffectual. It seemed that the master of this temple would allow no inquiry or protest from Convoy.
A broad grin spread across Megatron’s face, and he responded to Soundblaster’s proposition.
“You ask me if I desire power? What a silly question. Power flows of its own accord to the one who can use it to its maximum potential. In other words, it is already as good as mine!”
Contrary to his boastful proclamation, Megatron was actually absorbed deep in thought.
Naturally, he didn’t believe Soundblaster’s offer in the slightest. He sensed that before losing his memory, this sort of cajolement might have been something in which he himself was well-versed. He mentally filed away alternate scenarios where, even considering every possible trap that might lay in wait, he would ultimately seize the power as his own.
Acknowledging Megatron’s bluster, the bird drone “Hell Buzzsaw” perched on Soundblaster’s wing conveyed his master’s will in an earsplitting screech.
“Then you must prove your theory to be true.”
Soundblaster’s main body released the key-like object that had just previously served as the power source for the temple, causing it to float in midair.
The key was constructed from a turquoise material, and its form gave off a faint glow. Further examination would have shown its fine details evoking a timepiece, bordered with a gear-like rim and featuring a decoration resembling a winding knob. Although it produced no obvious effect, the way it remained motionless in the air seemed to affirm that it concealed some awesome power.
“This is the final power that you seek, the Zeonomicon. It is the key to my power, and so is it power itself. Connecting this key to your own systems will open the supernormal gateway, completing the rite of succession.”
Suddenly, the pitch blackness at the depths of the gaping abyss was swept away, and the wide expanse of a planet came into view below them. Blue ocean and green earth spread across the surface of the clearly inhabitable world. The temple-like spacecraft they occupied had long since arrived at its final destination. Looking upon the world from outside its atmosphere, Convoy was gripped by an indefinable sense of nostalgia.
With this, a slight movement of Soundblaster’s palm caused the floating Zeonomicon to hurtle straight down through the abyss, and out from the ship. Just as the dimensional key was about to enter the planet’s atmosphere it vanished in a bright flash, and successive rings of light spread from it as if to encompass the planet.
“I gather that we’re here for an Easter egg hunt?”
Megatron voiced his annoyance with an expression he must have acquired somewhere.
“That will not be necessary. The first stage of the rite of succession is to engrave your forms with the sacred crest. The entire process is recorded on this golden disk….”
Before it was clear if Soundblaster was done speaking, Convoy suddenly broke his long silence. Deploying his shoulder missile launchers, he fired from point-blank range on the hexagonal pillar housing the golden disk, obliterating it. Convoy caught the disk as the explosion spun it through the air, and intending to escape the ship, he threw himself down out of the pit… or, he attempted to.
“Don’t be so hasty. You’re forgetting something.”
Completely unperturbed, Soundblaster encircled both Convoy and Megatron in cylinders of energy, halting their movements. Frozen inside a hexagonal capsule of light, Convoy’s body was suspended in a diving pose. Beyond the screen of the force field, the interior of the temple could be seen erupting into flame and crumbling. Of course, this had nothing to do with the blast from the missiles. The entire ship was self-destructing!
Totally unconcerned with the surrounding chaos, Soundblaster addressed the pair:
“Before you descend to the planet, receive what belongs to you. I shall return your forgotten memories of the past!”
The surfaces of the capsules holding Convoy and Megatron were at once covered with a tremendous display of data, and a massive amount of information flowed into the memory banks of the two Transformers. Held captive in midair, Convoy let out a silent cry as he recalled everything about his countless past battles, and his strange connection with Megatron!
As his pain subsided and he realized that he could move freely, Megatron raised his head only to realize that was standing atop a rocky hill. The crag extended just through the top of a thick nest of trees, and the earth around him as far as the eye could see was hidden by dense jungle. Looking up towards the sky, he noticed a twinkle of light that did not seem to be a star, and it was immediately replaced by a huge explosion. It would seem that the floating temple that brought him here had detonated.
“So, this means the game has begun.”
Stepping down from the peak, Megatron began to make his way through the jungle. Convoy had witnessed the same explosion. Was that the end of Soundblaster? That was doubtful. Just before the explosion of the temple, Soundblaster had sent him down to this planet. Most likely Megatron, as well.
“He’s probably somewhere on this planet, watching the battle between Megatron and I from above,” thought Convoy.
Convoy confirmed that he still gripped the golden disk in his hand, and placed it inside the storage unit in his back. He then transformed into beast mode and set about exploring the world.
“This planet… is it possible that this is Earth?”
Having recalled the name of a familiar world from his restored memories, Convoy was momentarily filled with emotion… but it was at that instant that from the forest behind him, two colossal beasts came thundering out into the open, giving him an unexpected shock.
Of the fighting beasts, one was a creature like a bear with huge fangs, while the other some sort of four-legged dinosaur with a long neck, and horns all over its head and shoulders…
In truth, it looked more like a wingless dragon!
“No… this definitely isn’t Earth!”
Convoy transformed back into his battle-ready robot mode, and reached for the swords stored in his back compartment. However, before he could, the dragon thrashed around with its jaws clamped on the bear’s throat, and its tail slammed into him, throwing him back with enough force to topple several trees. While nearly losing consciousness, Convoy heard a voice calling to him from higher ground. He looked up weakly, and saw a creature resembling a rhinoceros approaching him. But this was no ordinary creature… a closer look revealed mechanical parts across areas of his body.
“Rhinox…?” Convoy unconsciously uttered the name of his former comrade.
“Is that the greeting in your land?” Responding in a metallic but youthful voice, the visitor transformed from beast to robot mode. He was not Convoy’s old friend, but he was most certainly a Transformer.
Scanning Convoy’s form with a curious stare, he continued.
“The workings of that body of yours… you’re not from this planet, are you? This area’s the territory of the native species.”
“You are…?”
“Saidos. I’m an environmental ranger here on Animatros.”
To be continued…