“Age of Extinction” Footage & Potential Spoilers from CinemaCon 2014

Three months to go until Transformers: Age of Extinction, and CinemaCon 2014 has hosted some footage from the film. For the uninitiated, CinemaCon is similar to ShoWest, being an annual convention held in Las Vegas for those working in exhibition, namely theater owners and exhibitors. Paramount Pictures shared about 15 minutes of footage featuring what sounds like the beginning of the film, Mark Wahlberg (playing Cade Yeager), Nicolas Peltz (as Tessa Yeager), and Jack Reynor (as Shane Dyson) on stage for that part of the presentation. For the sites that covered the film snippet, read at your own risk due to potential spoilers:

Voice your thoughts at our discussion thread, but use discretion in regards to the aforementioned possible spoilers. Transformers: Age of Extinction lands on the silver screens on June 26, 2014.