IDW “Dark Cybertron” Chapters 10 & 12 Subscription Covers

Get your shelves ready! IDW Publishing has posted up the subscription covers for Dark Cybertron chapters 10 and 12 on their Facebook album!
The subscription cover of More Than Meets The Eye #27 features Sky-Byte, who looks ready to debone someone for not liking his poems! MTMTE #27 will is written by James Roberts and John Barber, with interior art duties by Brendan Cahill, Livio Ramondelli, and colors by Josh Perez.
For chapter 12’s subscription cover of Dark Cybertron, it features Shockwave appearing as if he’s breaking several laws pertaining to energy and electricity. Story is written by Roberts and Barber, with art by Phil Jimenez and Cahill.
Both issues will be landing on retail shelves – physical and online – this March 2014.
Dark_Cyb_chpt_12_shckwave_cvr MTMTE_27_sky_byte_cvr