Go! Samurai & Shinobi 3 Packs and EG Cancellations

{mosimage}Retailers are starting to inform collectors that some upcoming TakaraTomy Go! product is no longer seeing a release.  Among the items are EG (formerly EZ Collection and known as Cyberverse in the US) Turbo Cycle (Animated Prowl redeco sometimes listed as Groove) and Beachcomber (a more G1 accurate redeco of the Legend figure).

Also among the solicitations being canceled are the Samurai and Shinobi 3 Packs.  These 3 packs were listed at a heavily discounted price and according to TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki were never meant to be solicited in the first place.  That the listings were a misunderstandings by many retailers.

Good news is EG Soundwave and Jet Vehicon are still seeing a release from TakaraTomy as well as the black redecos of Kenzan and Gekisoumaru.

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