New Photos of Upcoming TakaraTomy Masterpiece & Generations

{mosimage}Preorders are starting to appear for TakaraTomy's upcoming Masterpiece and Generations lines and with preorders come new pictures. 
Courtesy of eHOBBY we now have new images of Masterpiece MP-12G G2 Lambor (aka Sideswipe) with Derek Yaniger style face sculpt, G2 sword & guns, and spiked wheels, as well as a better look at MP-12B Soundblaster and Rat Bat.  Soundblaster features the same accessories as Soundwave (minus the Megatron gun) in addition to Rat Bat and he is also sporting a new tape deck window with details similar to the original G1 Soundblaster toy.
On the Generations front are official images of TakaraTomy's Waspinator and Rhinox.  Both feature metallic paint and color schemes heavily based on the Mainframe cartoon series.
G2 Lambor   |  Soundblaster & Rat Bat Waspinator   |  Rhinox
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