“Metro Wars 2”

“Metro Wars 2”
Metro Wars by Yuki Ohshima
Scans, Photoshop, Article: Powered Convoy
Source: Figure King No. 187, September 2013
Note: This manga reads Left to Right.

Powered Convoy’s comments
Continuing the story that began with “Metro Wars” in Generations 2013, “Metro Wars 2” continues where the first installment left off, the story shows the repercussions of Metro Titan’s attack on Metroflex.  While not as long as the first installment, “Metro Wars 2” is almost as impressive and features art and story by by Yuki Ohshima.
In this comic we see have Metroflex, who has been low on power since gaining his new form, left nearly alone while the other Autobots are out protecting the town.  Just then Metrobomb attacks in an attempt to steal the schematics for Metroflex’s new form in an effort to rebuild the badly damaged Metro Titan.
This comic continues to use toys that were available around the time of the Operation Combination line by featuring Discharge, Kickback (who was available via mail order around that time), and the Thunder Arrow (which came packed with an unnamed redeco of the Metrobomb figure). Continuing the tradition of most of Mr. Ohshima’s comics, a character, in this case Scamper, loses his arm.
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