TakaraTomy Generations TG28 Megatron & Starscream and TG29 Sandstorm

{mosimage}eHOBBY has updated their website with preorder pages accompanied by our first looks at TakaraTomy's upcoming Generations TG28 Megatron with Chopshop and Starscream with Waspinator as well as TG29 Sandstorm!

Megatron features a color scheme based on his original G1 colors rather than his IDW appearance, while Chopshop's colors are more akin to his original G1 toy.  Starscream, like Megatron, features colors closer to his original G1 cartoon interpretation than his IDW appearance while Waspinator is cast in darker metallic colors.  Meanwhile Sandstorm trades in some of his yellow and black for orange and his yellow is also also traded in for a yellow orange.  Sandstorm also features some additional painted detailing not found on the Hasbro version.

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