New Asia Exclusive 3-Packs – Preorders Up!


Check out the latest announcement from TFsource:

Now up for preorder, two new Asia 3-pack exclusives!  Decepticon Specialists features:  Galvatron, Octane and Astrotrain, Autobot Specialists includes:  Hound, Mirage and Ironhide!  Both sets are said to feature updated paint deco’s but until official images are released similar to the Asia Seeker sets we only know these will feature the Henkei/Classics molds and come in great looking display packaging!   

Priced at $129.95 per set, or preorder both and get FREE US shipping on orders over $150/reduced international shipping at TFsource!

Preorders up at TFSource here:
Henkei Classics – Autobot Specialists – Ironhide Hound Mirage 3-Pack
Henkei Classics – Decepticon Specialists – Galvatron Octane Astrotrain 3-Pack