Hi-Res Figure King No. 187 Scans

{mosimage}Toy-World.com.hk has uploaded hi-res scans of TakaraTomy's releases for September 2013.  These releases include Generations Metroplex, Generations Optimus Prime & Bumblebee two pack, GT Maximus & Hiiro, Go! Sensuimaru and Judora, and Masterpiece Prowl.  Also covered are the Scramble City Kabaya models, the re-release of the Transformers Movie Optimus Prime model kit figure, Generations Sandstorm and Megatron & Starscream two pack, as well as the officially license 3rd party items shown at Wonderfest.

As a special treat this issue features a followup story to Transformers Generations 2013's "Metro Wars".  It continues the story of the newly rebuilt Metroflex (Metroplex) and his dealings with the sinister Metrotitan.

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