Wonderfest 2013 Photos

{mosimage}Autobase Aichi was in attendance at Japan's Wonderfest 2013 and managed to snag several photos of upcoming officially licensed Transformers product.  First up is Fewture's Roadbuster colored Mugen Calibur Dorvack figures, with a transformable SD figure and a non-transformable normal proportions action figure. 

Following Roadbuster is Ultimetal 17" Optimus Prime figure.  This figure is not transformable but features several accessories and working inner mechanics throughout the figure!

Following Ultimetal Optimus is Prime1Studio's Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Matrix of Leadership prop and a teaser for their Movie Optimus Prime statue.

Next is a full look at CM's Exo-Suit Spike and Daniel Witwicky.  The Exo-Suit appears to come with both figures and features transformable arms, to simulate the feature in the original 1986 film, as well as the ability to transform into roadster mode.

Last and certainly not least, is the gigantic 2 foot tall Mega Zarak (Scorponok) figure.  This non-transformable figure by Sentinel is fully poseable and scaled to match the original G1 Fortress Maximus.

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