Transformers Million Publishing Infiltrator Starscream

{mosimage}Million Publishing has revealed the cover of their upcoming Transformers Generations 2013 book.  The book will have a retrospective of 2013's releases as well as a special article on figures released in 1988.  Also revealed is their 2013 exclusive Infiltrator Starscream!  Infiltrator Starcream is a clear and metallic colored version of the Fall of Cybertron mold.  His appearance is to mirror his stealth mode (that he swiped from Skywarp from the first game).  Starscream also includes two additional weapons, the Path Blaster and Photon Burst Rifle (originally included with Sideswipe and the Hasbro version of Shockwave respectively).

Click here to view the magazine cover and here for Infiltrator Starscream.

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