TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS Reveals New Nemesis Rising Live Event

{mosimage}Check out this latest announcement from the online Transformers: Legends game:

The next big in-game event from DeNA and HASBRO’s TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS mobile game is about to commence! Beginning today, Monday, July 8th at 5 pm PT through July 15th at 5 pm PT, players can jump into the “Nemesis Prime” in-game event to defeat the sadistic creation of Dr. Arkeville.

About the Nemesis Prime Event

Dr. Arkeville has secretly been creating a new Transformer, one that could rival Optimus Prime in every way. Out of spare parts and stolen technology, he has assembled the formidable Nemesis Prime. But Nemesis Prime is on the loose, and not even the mad Doctor can control the unstoppable fury of his own creation! Join the heroic Aerialbots, led by Silverbolt as they meet the threat head on. Will they be fast enough to intercept and stop the threat? Find out on this week's TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS episode Nemesis Rising!

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