HTS Comments About the SDCC 2013 GI Joe/Transformers Set

{mosimage} Earlier today we found out that Harmony Gold had filed a suit against Hasbro claiming that the Jetfire in this year's SDCC GI Joe exclusive set violated their Robotech intellectual property. Later, that very set was suspiciously missing from when the site listed the other SDCC exclusives. If you were wondering whether the two bits of news were connected, wonder no more! Check out what a poster on the 2005 Boards found out when on a call with HasbroToyShop:

I called HTS to ask about the Crossover Set. I didn't expect much info but figured I would try. The girl I spoke to was very nice, she said all they were told was that there was a lawsuit and that they were not selling them. She would not elaborate or disclose anything else. I explained that I didn't want to stalk the website if they weren't going to release anymore, and she told me that she didn't want to tell me not to keep checking, because you never know, all she knew is that they weren't included with the rest of the items today because of the lawsuit. Take that for what it's worth, I guess.

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Thanks to LadyStarscream of the 2005 Boards and Sean Whitmore for the news.