Transformers 30th Anniversary Site & Fan’s Voting Open

{mosimage}TakaraTomy's Transformers 30th Anniversary site is now open, and the 30th Anniversary Masterpiece fan voting! So far, nothing much at the moment. The News section mentions the August 2013 issue of Dengeki Hobby noting about the 30th Anniversary Masterpiece fan voting and that fan voting is now open.

Voting isn't simply done as mailing off a note to TakaraTomy's office with your choice of the Masterpiece. Rather, it uses robots points – in the shape of small squares – from TakaraTomy purchases, namely the Generations, GT, and Go! lines. Figures purchased at Takara's booth during Tokyo Toy Show 2013 will also count. One vote for one character per entry, and false points won't be accepted. Last day of voting is August 31, 2013.

The way how the voting works is that the vote is "paid" for by robot points from TakaraTomy purchases: TG points from the Generations, where 1 point is worth 3 votes; TF Go! points is again 1 to 3; GT is 1 to 1; and Toy Show points from figures bought at Takara's booth during Tokyo Toy Show 2013 is 1 to 1. A photo translation courtesy of tackertackle from fellow site TFW2005.

  • Entry 1 is Fortress Maximus representing in The Headmasters
  • Entry 2 is Super Ginrai from Super-God Masterforce
  • Entry 3 is Star Saber of Victory
  • Entry 4 is Dai Atlas from Zone
  • Optimus Primal (simply "Convoy" in Japan) of Beast Wars as number 5
  • Entry 6 is Lio Convoy from Beast Wars II
  • Big Convoy of Beast Wars Neo is entry 7
  • Super Fire Convoy of Car Robots (AKA Optimus Prime in Super Mode of Robots in Disguise) as entry 8
  • Armada Optimus as entry 9 (Convoy of Micron Legend)
  • Energon Optimus – Grand Convoy of Superlink – is entry 10
  • Entry 11 is Cybertron Optimus, Galaxy Convoy in Galaxy Force

There's a ballot form that voters can print out to tape their points so they won't fall off and choose their choice. The first box right underneath the "Fan's Choice" is polling on the age range and the second box is polling on gender. Ballot will be mailed to: TakaraTomy Corp., 7-9-10 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 124-8511. Whether they'll accept votes outside Japan is unknown, but is unlikely.