TF4 Round-up: Filming, Cars, Billboard

{mosimage}Here's the most recent news on Transformers 4, from filming to cars to viral advertisement.

  • The Grand Circus Park area of downtown Detroit, Michigan, is being dressed as a location from China or Hong Kong, courtesy of pics via the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog and courtesy of tonyformer at fellow fansite TFW2005. It's also the same area where it was used to sub in parts of Chicago in Dark of the Moon.
  • Filming is underway down in Texas and, like previous times, has had some unexpected surprises. ABC news affiliate KVUE reports that in Pflugerville, a fire started in the attic of a 100-year old house on Tuesday night, TMZ stating that the cause may have been the pyrotechnics during the filming. One civilian suffered from a broken ankle and taken to a hospital, and the fire department has ruled it accidental.
  • In better filming news, Taylor, TX, saw some action. TFW2005 member Prowl caught some footage of several cars – both acting and camera – in motion on one of the street. Pictures have also popped up: the Taylor Daily Press's Facebook, and @NickForrester's photos shared at the TFLAMB.
  • With the Lamborghini Aventador's reveal, many people pondered whether it would be Autobot or Decepticon. As Sideswipe in Revenge of the Fallen and DotM transforms into a Corvette Stingray, there was the possibility that it'd be paranoid G1 Stunticon Breakdown, but a Tweet from the official Michael Bay Twitter pretty much shot that notion down. Top Gear posited that it's an Autobot.
  • Speaking of cars, Bay's official site has revealed a new Transformer cast member! Meet the Chevrolet Sonic RS Rally car, with sponsorship logos that may or may not appear in the final cut.
  • Sam Nickelson posted a picture of a "Remember Chicago" billboard at the S4TE board, showing a tie to Chicago's devastation in DoTM and a phone number to "report alien activity". The billboard was spotted in the Granger, Texas, area.
  • Lastly, S4TE admin nelson reiterates that, no, Megan Fox isn't going to join the cast.

Transformers 4 is scheduled to be released on June 24, 2014 in the US.