TF4: Photos, Fire, Actors

{mosimage}As filming for Transformers 4 progresses on down in Texas, more photos and details fly right in.

  1. In regards to the attic fire that occurred in Pflugerville, Texas, director Michael Bay set the record straight: they were filming outside the ranch, one of the crew members twisted his ankle after simply falling into a gopher hole, and the fire was quickly put out. Still no known cause for the fire.
  2. TFW2005 user Jason Bo posted a Flickr gallery of photos taken at filming occurring in Taylor, TX. Spotted on the streets were Mark Wahlberg, T. J. Miller, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, and what looks like an armed military group that includes Lucas Black. Jason Bo's gallery also have the Sonic RS in action, with several cameras mounted on to it.
  3. has posted up a gallery of Wahlberg on set Taylor, riding in the Sonic RS's passenger side. Fellow site Tformers also have compiled a gallery of additional photos as well of seeing several cars in motion.
  4. Speaking of vehicles, there was an ambulance that had been spotted with Optimus's new truck mode and other vechiles before in May – courtesy of instagramjerk – which can also be seen in this picture uploaded to Gyazo. Like the Sonic RS and Aventador, there's the question whether it's an Autobot, simply just an accompanying ambulance in the film, or part of the safety crew.
  5. Those living in Detroit, Michigan, should expect to see some action some time this July, as noted in an earlier Transformers Live Action Movie Blog post. Via, there's on-going construction along Washington Boulevard, so those in the area should keep an eye out.
  6. Via NBC news affiliate KXAN reported of seeing a silver Dodge Challenger on the streets in Taylor, a photo of it via fellow site TFW2005.
  7. RE515TANT12 posted a video on YouTube of the Rally Fighter one of Paramount Pictures's flatbed trailers, alongside two more cars in the Austin area. An interesting thing to note is that YouTube user dawndee93 uploaded a video of several Rally Fighters and cars, and one can overhear the spectators mention Tyrese Gibson's name, who played Robert Epps in the previous three films. Whether Tyrese will return for the fourth film is not been announced or confirmed yet.
  8. of Port Huron, MI, reports that filming may occur in Marine City, but there's no decision yet whether it will happen.

Transformers 4 is scheduled to be released on June 27, 2013, in the US.