TF Pulp: Beast Wars Reborn Chapter 3, “Planetfall”

{mosimage}From TF Pulp, chapter 3 of Beast Wars Reborn, "Planetfall" by Hirofumi Ichikawa, thanks to Hydra and Might Gaine!

In this chapter, Vector Prime confronts an old "brother", one of the lost Ancient, whereas a pair of still amnesiac Primal and Megatron continue to deal with Soundblaster's "game" and something pertaining to a certain golden disk. Things, as the old tagline goes, is more than meets the eye and Soundblaster sends both to a planet that resembles Earth, but isn't… Animatros!

Hydra has some interesting notes to make on this little bit of continuity, given the reveal of the Thirteen Primes by Hasbro.

"Beast Wars Reborn: Chapter 3 – Planetfall" was solicited in the May 2006 issue of Figure Oh.

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