TF Go! Commercials and Anime Promo

{mosimage}Courtesy of Autobase Aichi, there's new Transformers Go! commercials on promoting three different campaigns and an ad for the anime via TakarTomy's official YouTube channel!

The commercials feature a campaign of getting either Shining Optimus Prime Blaster, the Arms Micron for the Samurai Team, or a golden add-on kabuto helmet-armor set for GouKenzan after 3000 yen worth of purchase, also seen at Toys 'R' Us Japan's listing for Gekisoumaru. The commercial for the helmet-armor set later became set to private, but you can still see a picture of it at Autobase Aichi.

Also up is a commercial promoting the upcoming anime for Transformers Go!, the episodes split between the Samurai and Shinobi Teams on special DVDs. The Samurai Team's episodes will be released with TV-Kun, starting in its August 2013 issue. The Shinobi Team's episodes will be with TV Magazine's release.


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