Recent Mugen Calibur Dorvack Toys To Get A Roadbuster Makeover?

{mosimage} Recently Japanese toy manufacture Fewture have put out a couple of different Mugen Calibur Dorvack toys – one a "super deformed" transforming action figure and the other a super-articulated non-transforming action figure. As G1 fans know, the Dorvack is the model that eventually became one of our favorite Wreckers, Roadbuster. And it appears that history repeats itself! On display at the weekend's Tokyo Toy Show are repaints of the two Fewture toys as none other than Roadbuster himself!

It appears that the super deformed toy is scheduled for February of next year and is expected to cost 5,040 yen (around $53 USD), and the action figure is scheduled for December of this year with a price tag of 7,329 yen (around $78 USD)

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