New TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS Raid Boss Event Starts Today

{mosimage} The minds behind the Ransformers Legends online game, DeNA and Hasbro, have sent over notice of a new raid boss event that starts today!

DeNA and HASBRO are kicking off a special in-game event today for the popular action card battle mobile game TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS. Beginning today at 5 pm PT through June 20th at 5 pm PT players can take part in Heavy Metal War, Part 1 and ride along with Long Haul, Hook and Bonecrusher to make a daring attack against the Autobots!

About Heavy Metal War, Part 1:

Megatron has challenged Optimus Prime to a duel, with nothing less than the right to stay on Earth at stake! However, the battle is just a distraction, and the Constructicons are headed to infiltrate the Autobot base and strike directly at Teletraan I. Ironhide, Wheeljack, Ratchet and Brawn are the only Autobots left to stop the Constructicons, and they have vowed to mount a mighty defense.

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And see a screenshot from the new event here