Masterpiece G2 Sideswipe Revealed & Fans’ Choice Vote!

{mosimage}More news is starting to trickle in from Tokyo Toy Show 2013 as TakaraTomy has announced Masterpiece G2 Sideswipe!  Not just a simple redeco G2 Sideswipe comes with several G2 comic accurate accessories like his spiked tires, sword, and additional guns.  Photo 1, Photo 2.

Also announced is TakaraTomy's 30th Anniversary Fans' Choice.  Where fans can vote for which Cybertron / Autobot leader will be the next Masterpiece heroic leader made.  Among the choices are.

  • Fortress Maximus
  • Super Ginrai / Powermaster Optimus
  • Star Saber
  • Dai Atlas
  • Beast Convoy / Optimus Primal 
  • Lio Convoy / Leo Prime
  • Big Convoy
  • Micron Legend Convoy / Armada Optimus
  • Grand Convoy / Energon Optimus
  • Galaxy Convoy / Cybertron Optimus

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