In-Hand Image of Botcon Exclusive Figures and Identities of Attendee Only Figures

{mosimage}The Allspark's own Powered Convoy has acquired his set of Botcon exclusive toys and has shared a photo of them. The set consists of Megaplex, Obsidian, Strika, Skywarp, and Hoist. The custom class exclusive Blastcharge Strika Drone and the attendee-exclusive Starscream are also shown.

Furthermore, Powered Convoy reports that the identities of the other attendee-only figures are:

  • Rainmakers 3-Pack (LE 2500)
  • Electro and  Sandstorm (LE 2000)
  • Mirage and Thundercracker (LE 2000)
  • Kre-O 5-Pack (LE 1500)

View Powered Convoy's photo and discuss about all the exclusive figures here.


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