BotCon 2013: Transformers Collectors’ Club Roundtable

{mosimage}Visit this thread that has our coverage of the Transformers Collector's Club Roundtable from BotCon 2013! Highlights of the panel are below:

  • Asks how many of the people are in the club. Most are. Jokes that is everyone in the entire club.
  • First slide is Strika. Walking the crowd through toy creation. Hoist's color codes came from the book that's for industrial production.
  • On Megaplex's deco sheet, they tried to match colors with source photos as well other figures, same as Skywarp.
  • Regarding Obsidian, they talked about how they tried to listen to the fans, hence the change in Obisidian's colors.
  • Onto Sandstorm and Electron. Electron's name change was due to Spider-Man's Electro.
  • Mirage was made as close to the original Machine Wars as possible, which pleased the crowd.
  • Thundercracker, Hotlink and Sunstorm were next on the presentation, and that the Rainmakers were best selling souvenir set so far.
  • Pete came onstage and said about there was a bit of fear on Bitstream becoming too close to Thundercracker.
  • Starscream was what started the idea of Machine Wars. They had wanted Machine Wars to even enter the original line, although Pete said it was all about the price tag.
  • Mold charts of Sandstorm were shown, discussing injection molds and mold trees and colors on sprues.
  • They also explained why certain colors on a figure depend on the mold layout and plastic type. This guides the color scheme decisions.
  • Tech spec art of Strika and Hoist was then shown.
  • Pete had been wondering if there was Machine Wars fan art, and then accidentally found Josh Burcham's art. There was another artist they wanted to use but things did not work out. This allowed Josh to be the full comic artist.
  • Back to showing Obsidian, Sandstorm, Thundercracker and Mirage. Diamond version of the comic will have "to be continued" printed.
  • On the box's design, Obsidian had different colors from the final result. Originally the box had an industrial background and one version had pictures of the toys on the box cover.
  • It was Pete's idea for the "FP" KB sticker and they looked at original stickers to make sure they got it right. The people at the factory that helped get the sticker were "familiar with that type of sticker." Speculated they may have worked on the original toys. The final design and the die cut was shown.
  • Onto the 2014 exclusive figure, which will have a new head. Who is it? Protoform X, better known as BW Rampage, from the Prime "First Edition Deluxe Megatron.
  • Another exclusive is Transmutate, from Prime "First Edition" Arcee, with the club fiction showing who Transmutate would have been. Transmutate's box comes with space to fit Rampage.
  • Onto the Subscription Service. 3 names of 6: Chromedome (Prime Wheeljack with new head), Treadshot (from Warpath) and Ironfist (based from Generations Roadbuster/Swindle of the FoC mold).
  • The board updates bought 5 months ago but has yet to be implemented because it has to work with the retail software. They also can't go digital – such as PDF format – on comics because people can email it and even though there are ways to verify, they have other things they have to work on that are higher priority.
  • Billing for second installment of this year is August, aiming for winter of next year for the 2014 figures. The club felt like they lost time due to logistics and other issues that delayed things between factory and club. Service 2.0 is expected to go up later this September.
  • Regarding the code and updating the code for the online site, they know that the code doesn't work well and they have been working on it with the proverbial bandages, but full fixes will come into being.
  • The length of many panels at BotCon is up to the brand team.
  • No immediate plans for any more Animated Seekers. Pete did mention to put it on the survey.
  • A "yes" and "no" to the question of a Diaclone set, Pete saying that there are a lot of concepts that make their way into the line, but probably won't do just a Diaclone set. Although they may sneak one in next year.
  • The chance of a 3-pack Air Warrior Drones depends on feedback, and will there be enough of a demand.
  • Transmutate won't be made to order, according to Brian. As to a high number of Transmutate being made, Brian answered that it depends.
  • To the question of a little boy who asked why the toys were sold in a set instead of individually, Pete and Brian replied that it had to be a little bit of both box and individual souvenir.
  • Pete won't share on which mold that they were thinking to use for Double Dealer.
  • On Action Masters Starscream, the crowd applaud at Pete's question on the desire for more Seekers.
  • On the possibility of a G1 Devastator reissue, not right now and the wrong venue.
  • No word on the subscription pricing.
  • Regarding Chromedome's place in either G1 or Aligned continuity, no word on where the Club will incorporate him into their fiction.