BotCon 2013: TCC Comic Panel

{mosimage}The TCC Comic panel is starting at BotCon 2013!  To follow along with our up-to-the-minute coverage, visit this thread. Highlights of the panel are below the cut:

Here are the highlights from the session:

  • Some art from the profiles is shown, including Beast Wars.
  • After Beast Wars, 2 year story arc in a new setting.  Details will be revealed at the Roundtable.
  • Current story's wrap-up will lead into next year's story.
  • Return of prose fiction including Gobots! Classic Universe, called Spacial Temporal Challengers.  Written by Hayoto Sakamoto and Andrew Hall.  Fall 2013.
  • Full prose section coming on the website.
  • This year's convention comic ended "to be continued."  Will continue.
  • Current Wings Timeline available on the wiki.
  • Next year's story is not a direct continuation of this story but will wrap up the overall story arc.
  • 2014 story takes place 30 years after original G1 cartoon.
  • Mishioko drew the Termination print.
  • Fourth seeker has not yet been decided.
  • One thing learned from Machine Wars experience is to get the characters out in front of the fans ahead of time.  Will try to use the characters more.
  • Surveys are more important now in leading to what the club offers.
  • Most people involved in the club are contracted and most of them came from the community.  Tweets to Pete Sinclair or messages to Facebook or email in regards to getting into writing for the club.  This is the sort of manner which allowed our own Jesse Wittenrich (Nightviper) to get involved.  Having a body of work is key to getting attention.
  • Club could do sets based on existing fiction.  Beast Wars and Animated are good examples, it's a bit tricky, but can be done.
  • Nexus Prime not back in the comic because of Aligned continuity. "He's off doing his own thing."
  • Picture of Gobots on Allspark's Facebook page.