Botcon 2013 Souvenir Figures revealed!

{mosimage}Every year we have to wait until people show up to Botcon and start getting their toys to find out what the rest of the figures are. The suspense is killer, but thankfully we don't have to wait any longer!

The attendee exclusive figure is Machine Wars Starscream made from the 2010 Terradive mold!

While we won't know for certain until the Club Store opens tomorrow, we can confirm or speculate on some other figures based on the comic book:

  • Machine Wars Sandstorm made from the Dark of the Moon Skyhammer mold!
  • Machine Wars Thundercracker from the Botcon Skywarp mold!
  • Machine Wars Mirage from the Classics Mirage mold!
  • Hauler from the 2010 "Grappel" mold!
  • Generation 2 Electro made from the Botcon Hoist mold!
  • Seekers from the Classics Starscream mold!

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