BotCon 2013 IDW VIP Tour: Casey Coller & Marcelo Matere

{mosimage}{mosimage}Looks like IDW Publishing isn't done yet with announcing guests for the VIP Tour this BotCon 2013!

From Casey Coller, he's provided lineart for Transformers: Ironhide, The Transformers #31, Spotlights Blurr and Drift, variant covers to All Hail Megatron, profile artwork, and various variant covers to Robots in Disguise!

Meet Marcelo Matere, who had provided a plethora of packaging artwork that ranges from Armada to Animated, as well comic art work for several Spotlights (Soundwave, Grimlock, Metroplex), "The Stunti-Con Job", toy designs for several lines, and a plethora of variant covers!

Keep an eye on IDW's VIP Tour guest list for future updates! The tour occurs on Thursday, June 27th.