TakaraTomy Generations Skywarp Bio

{mosimage}With Generations Skywarp being a TakaraTomy exclusive, we did not have an English translation of his bio – until now.  Thanks to the original writer of the Japanese version of the bio, we now have an English translation.

When his rare ability to teleport gained him membership among the Seeker battalion, Skywarp was anticipated as a young and capable new recruit. Unfortunately, his deceitful personality proved to be a character flaw, and his skills would be used only for idle trickery and practical jokes. By appearing suddenly and attacking his opponents from behind, he should be able to upstage even Starscream in combat ability, but he soon loses interest when not under the command of Megatron. In order to improve his concentration and sense of responsibility, he has been ordered to complete a training regimen in Circuit-Su.

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