New Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Exclusives

{mosimage} The Official Transformers Facebook page have posted a bunch of new images for upcoming Transformers Prime: beast Hunters Predacons Rising (phew) exclusive toys! The images include:

Cyberverse Commander 2-pack – Optimus Prime (repainted as an homage to G1 Thunderclash) and Predaking
Cyberverse Commander 2-pack – Bombshock (a repaint of Hardshell) and Shockwave
Cyberverse Legion 2-pack – Bumblebee (Stealth) and Blight (red, gray, and blue)
Cyberverse Legion – 2-pack Smokescreen (G1 deco) and Cindersaur (Rippersnapper in the Firecon's colors)
Deluxe scale – Nova Blast Bumblebee
Deluxe scale – Sky Lynx (repaint of Skystalker)
Voyager scale – Cryofire Predaking (Predaking in blue)
Voyager scale – Dark Steel (Grimwing in blue and black)
Beast Fire Predaking
and the 5-pack of Legion Predacons that combine into Abominus.

Click here to see the images

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