Maurice LaMarche Joins the BotCon 2013 Guest List!

{mosimage} BotCon have tweeted out another Rescue Bots cast member who will be making a special guest appearance at next month's convention: Maurice LaMarche!! You might remember him from… every single cartoon you've ever watched. The voice actor has had quite the prolific career with some of his most notable roles being Brain from Pink & The Brain, Kif from Futurama, and Egon Spengler from the Ghostbusters cartoons. As far as his Transformers roles are concerned, he played Six Gun for the G1 cartoon, and is Chief Charlie Burns in Rescue Bots.

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Also for you Rescue Bots fans out there, story editor and co-creator Nicole Dubuc tweeted out about a little contest she'll be having – be the best Rescue Bots cosplayer at the panel and you'll win a special prize!

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