Figure King No. 184 News Tidbits

{mosimage}The latest issue of Figure King has hit news stands, and with it a bunch of new news to speculate about.  In the issue is some excerpts from TakaraTomy's Transformers designers, among the things mentioned are:

  • The samurai motif for Transformers GO! was created to appeal to TakaraTomy's customers.
  • Response to Encore 23 Fortress Maximus was greater than expected – therefore the Encore line will continue.
  • Masterpiece Prowl & Streak's orders exceeded TakaraTomy's expectations – so the figures are delayed as a result of increasing production.
  • An announcement regarding Masterpiece Smokescreen is impending and the figure will feature a lot of new parts compared to Prowl & Streak.
  • TakaraTomy's designers are going to continue to bother car companies about licensing their vehicles for the Masterpiece line.
  • TakaraTomy's version of Metroplex will feature different colors and an additional gun compared to Hasbro's mass retail version.
  • Tokyo Toy Show will run on June 15th & 16th.
    • The first 3 Autobot GO! figures will be available to purchase early at the show.
    • Masterpiece Tigertrack will be available for 6,000 Yen at the show and will feature non-chromed versions of Lambor's exclusive pile drivers over the default pile drivers included with Masterpiece Lambor.
    • Expect a bit announcement at the show.  Could this be Masterpiece Smokescreen or something else?
  • McDonald's will be running another Transformers Happy Meal promotion starting June 21st – could there be GO! Happy Meal toys on the way?

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