Transformers Collectors’ Club Issue #50

{mosimage}The Official Transformers Collectors' Club has begun shipping their milestone 50th issue.  On the cover is Depthcharge and all the other TCC exclusives in an homage to Marvel's 25th Anniversary covers.  Also inside is our first look at Generations Hoist!  Hoist is a retool and redeco of Generations Trailcutter featuring a new head sculpt and crane / weapon.  Also inside is a look at the BotCon 2013 figures in which Obsidian is now (finally) featuring cartoon colors rather than the toy based colors shown previously on BotCon's website.  Also inside is news that the TCC will be carrying eHOBBY Magnificus for $90.  Also featured is the latest issue of Beast Wars Shattered Glass, bios for BW Grimlock and BW2 Dirge, and the Transformers IQ and Recordicon features.

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