List of new Transformers Go! products

{mosimage} We have new information on upcoming Transformers Go! product provided by trafes20120505 (the Twitter account for Transformers blog Parkside201):

G02 Jinbu ¥ 3500
G03 Gan'ou ¥ 3500
G04 Gaidora ¥ 2500

G05 Gekisoumaru ¥ 5,500
G06 Hunter Smokescreen ¥ 2500
G07 Bakudora ¥ 2,500

G08 Budora ¥ 4,000
G09 Jagi Gattai Gorādora combiner set ¥ 4000
G10 Hishoumaru ¥ 3,500
G19 Hunter Ratchet ¥ 2500

G20 Sensuimaru ¥ 3,500
G21 Judora ¥ 2,500

Missing from the 6/22 listings is G01 Kenzan, it's unknown why he is not included. As for the August and September releases, the names Budora and Judora suggest that those will be more Predacons (Budora a Voyager, and Judora a Deluxe). The Goradora combiner set is more than likely the Cyberverse Abominus combiner. Lastly, the price of ¥ 3,500 suggest that Hishoumaru and Sensuimaru may be Takara Tomy exclusive molds, as the pricing falls between Deluxe and Voyager.

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