Figure King No. 183 Scans

{mosimage} has updated their website with scans of the May 2013 issue of Figure King.  In Figure King No. 183 we have some comparisons of the Transformers Go! figures along with their Beast Hunters equivalents.  Also pictured are May's Generations releases of Blaster & Steeljaw and Skywarp.  Blaster & Steeljaw are compared to their Hasbro counterparts.  Also featured is GT Maximus and his Race Queen, Masterpiece Prowl (showing how his shoulder rockets can be hidden in robot mode and how his gun attaches in car mode), as well as the Japanese release of Kre-O and eHOBBY Magnificus.

Also are images of Hyper Hobby magazine showing off the GT Prime and Saber packaging courtesy of Cyber Gundam Blog.

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