BotCon 2013 Iacon Sets Currently Sold Out

{mosimage} BotCon's Facebook page is currently reporting that they have sold through all of their allotment of Iacon (Non-Attendee) sets! This does not mean that they are sold out completely, however. In a few days, they will assess if they will be able to move any of the Primus sets over for Iacon purchases. So If you can't make it to BotCon 2013, but would still like to buy a box set of toys, make sure you stay tuned!

Hello BotCon fans!

We have run through our allotment of Iacon (non-attending sets) and are considering moving some of the Primus attending sets over to Iacon non-attending.

However, we don't want to do this until we are confident that everyone has registered that intends on coming to San Diego. So, we will re-visit the numbers in the next few days and make a decision as how to assist those who can't come but want the figure sets.

If you are coming, make sure to register VERY soon for BotCon 2013 today!

See you in San Diego!

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