Transformers Go! Official Images

{mosimage}Thanks to Amazon Japan, we now have high resolution official images of the upcoming Transformers Go! toys. Although we have seen images of the main line figures (G11-G18) previously, this is our first look at the EZ series (Legion Class) figures. Megatron and Starscream in particular have received quite a makeover. Click the links below to view the individual listings:


G11 Optimus Prime

G12 Predaking

G13 Shockwave

G14 Bumblebee

G15 Bulkhead

G16 Wheeljack

G17 Starscream

G18 Soundwave

EZ Series

EG01 Optimus Prime

EG02 Bumblebee

EG03 Prowl

EG04 Smokescreen

EG05 Hound

EG06 Megatron

EG07 Starscream

EG08 Airachnid


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