New Masterpiece Prowl Photo & Possible Exclusives?

{mosimage}A rumor started circulating among the Transformers fandom that Masterpiece Prowl and (Blue)Streak would see a similar exclusive like Lambor and Soundwave before them.  Amazon's listing didn't mention any exclusive materials when the preorders first went up, but they've since updated their listings to not that the figures each come with an exclusive rocket launcher(s).  As the original rumor had mentioned, these exclusive rocket launchers are likely additional parts to mimic the look of the original toy's launchers.  Whether this is simply missiles to stick in the existing launchers or entirely new launchers is not yet revealed.

Also in the Masterpiece arena is a new photo of Masterpiece Prowl along side Masterpiece Lambor and Human Alliance Barricade and Jazz.  The photo comes from Shogo Hasui's Twitter account.  In the description of the image he mentions that Prowl was a particular challenge in designing due to the size he had to make the robot mode (in scale with Lambor) as well as maintaining the scale of the car mode, taking note from the lessons learned while TakaraTomy was designing Movie figures such as the Human Alliance figures.

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