New Masterpiece Prowl & Bluestreak Photos

{mosimage}Shogo Hasui has updated his Twitter feed with another new photo of Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl and MP-18 (Blue)Streak.  The new photo shows the figures side by side.  In the photo you can see Prowl features shoulder cannons like his cousin, only they're folded down for cartoon accuracy.  Both figures are priced at 5,800 Yen, can fit inside MP-10 Convoy's trailer, can mount their weapon in vehicle mode, and will be released August 31, 2013 in Japan.

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**UPDATE** (and many other Japanese retailers) now have these figures up for preorder, and with that a whole slew of new photos of surfaced.  Including close up shots of both figures, images of Prowl's shoulder cannons, as well as comparison to both Prowl and Streak with MP-10 Convoy and MP-12 Lambor!  Check out Prowl and Streak at