IGN Interview with Jeff Kline – TF Prime Crew May Work on The Next Cartoon Series

{mosimage} IGN have posted an interview with Jeff Kline, the producer for the Transformers Prime series. The interview discusses the final season of the current show and also touches briefly on the next series. It would seem that the crew behind Transformers Prime just might be sticking around for the next Transformers series as well:

IGN: We’ve gotten hints at another iteration of a Transformers animated series coming in the next year or so. Will you be involved with that?

Kline: Yeah, at the moment it seems like both Hasbro and The Hub would like this group that did Prime to be involved in the next iteration, which I, of course, appreciate and we would love to do. We’re kind of in the earliest stages of development and character work and conceptual stuff, but if all goes according to plan, yes, there will be a new iteration of Transformers and the Prime group will be the group driving it.

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