Gregg Berger Ang Flint Dille To Appear At TFExpo 2013 In Wichita, Kansas

{mosimage} TF Expo have just made the following announcement:

Following last year’s success, TFExpo returns to Holiday Inn at Kellogg & Rock Road in Wichita on August 3rd, 2013 with two brand new guests!
Fans will no doubt remember Gregg Berger’s iconic performance as Grimlock not only in the G1 Transformers cartoon, but also last year’s immensely popular video game “Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron”!  Gregg also contributed several other voices to Transformers, including Skyfire, Outback, and Long Haul.  With a career spanning more than four decades, Gregg has lent his talents to many other programs as well, including G.I.Joe, Garfield and Friends, Duckman, and many, many more!  Gregg will be making appearances and signing autographs throughout the day.
As a story editor and writer for both Transformers and G.I.Joe, Flint Dille was instrumental in crafting the stories of the characters we’ve loved for most of our lives.  A writer and designer of video games and interactive novels, Flint recently returned to the world of the Transformers as co-writer of IDW’s digital comic “Autocracy”, as well as its current  sequel, “Monstrosity”!  Flint will be hosting a Writers Workshop at TFExpo 2013, as well as speaking and making appearances throughout the day.


This year, TFExpo is pleased to announce its very first EXCLUSIVE TOY UPGRADE SET!  When a shuttle emerges from the far reaches of the galaxy, a new hero is born!  NEBULA STARSHIP is ready to take the fight into the depths of space!  This toy upgrade set includes a new head and wings to attach to your existing toy.  This set will be given to everyone pre-registering with the TFEXPO ALLIANCE at the Ultra and Premium Levels. (PLEASE NOTE:  The TFExpo Exclusive Toy Upgrade Set is an aftermarket accessory, intended to enhance the enjoyment of your toy.  It is neither created nor endorsed by Hasbro, Inc. or Takara Tomy.)
Visitors to TFExpo 2013 will enjoy not only our guests and toy upgrade set, they’ll be able to shop in our Dealer’s Room, and enjoy presentations in our Panel Room throughout the day!  Other daytime events will be announced as we draw closer to the show.
Following up last year’s dinner party, TFExpo is pleased to host the 2013 Dinner and Script Reading Event!  Choose from plated entrées including Prime Rib, Chicken, and Vegetarian options.  Dinner entertainment will include an exclusive script reading by our Guest of Honor, Gregg Berger!  Live music will follow.  And each guest will take home SURPRISE souvenirs!   Stay tuned to for further announcements about this event.  Seating is limited and you WON’T want to miss out!
REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW—JOIN THE TFEXPO ALLIANCE TODAY!  Visit to register, and keep checking back for updates as we get closer to the show!  Also don’t forget to “Like” TFExpo on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!