“Spotlight: Megatron” and MTMTE #13 Previews

{mosimage}All hail Nic- Er, wrong person. Wednesday's just around the corner and on this February 6th, 2013, gear up for "Spotlight: Megatron" and More Than Meets The Eye issue 13, previews courtesy of Full Metal Hero!

From the ever affable Nick Roche, welcome the glory of "Spotlight: Megatron"! Or… not, when Megatron comes back from being reformatted – for the nth time – and sees how things with the Decepticons have come to ever since Starscream took over.

And from the brilliant minds of James Roberts with Guido Guidi on lines and Josh Burcham on colors, it's shore leave for much of the crew of the Lost Light! While most of the Autobots – and some Cons – have the idea of having fun on Hedonia down, Swerve has his work cut out for him on teaching Ultra Magnus how to "have fun". Don't forget to read up Multiversity Comics' interview with writers Roberts and John Barber, plus The Underbase's interview with Burcham!

For extra fun, those in Dublin, Ireland, can have "SL: Megatron" signed by Roche himself at Forbidden Planet Dublin and Dublin City Comics & Collectibles, details at his blog. For those in the vicinity of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, can swing by Stadium Comics to get their copy of "SL: Megatron" signed by Alex Milne, artist on one of the variant covers to both "Spotlight" and MTMTE (if you had pre-ordered the store's exclusive cover variant)!

Finally, some artistry sharing on both issues.

MTMTE #13: Milne/Josh Perez's cover variant, line-art only; Guidi's pencils to page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

SL Megatron: Milne/Perez's Stadium Comics RI cover with colors, line-art only; Livio Ramondelli's cover variant.

Sound off about MTMTE #13 at our thread here, and SL Megatron here!