BotCon 2013 Valentine’s Day Cards

{mosimage} It looks like Fun Pub and Hasbro are having a little bit of fun with Valentine's Day! Through their social media pages, they have so far released 4 Valentine's Day cards based on BotCon 2013 characters Hoist and Strika. Along with the cards, BotCon has announced that artist Josh Burcham will be doing the art for all of the BotCon tech spec cards this year!

You can check out the cards below:

Strika on the Official Transformers Facebook page
Hoist on BotCon's Facebook page
Strika on BotCon's Twitter page
Hoist on BotCon's Twitter page

Then discuss them here

*Edit* Skywarp is getting in on the fun as well!

Skywarp on BotCon's Facebook page
Skywarp on BotCon's Twitter page