Another Predacon Revealed on

{mosimage} This bit of "news" is a little less than conclusive, but fans looking close at "The Beast Escape" video available on may have noticed something a little odd going on with the characters which appear. The video features the Predacons chasing after Shockwave, with Twinstrike in front of the pack. Then a few seconds later… another Twinstrike runs past the camera, only this time seemingly in orange and a grayish purple rather than yellow and teal. (Orange and gray, interestingly enough, is the Shattered Glass color scheme for Sinnertwin having been lifted from his Autobot counterpart, the Technobot Afterburner).

Is this perhaps what the Twinstrike from the gift set release will look like? Or is it simply a case of bad editing combined with the dim lighting of the video?

Click here to see screen captures from the video and decide for yourself!