TakaraTomy Generations Grimlock & Senator Ratbat Revealed!

{mosimage}Allspark sponsor TFSource.com has just put up new preorders for some upcoming TakaraTomy Generations product.  The new listings are for Fall of Cybertron Grimlock (who features a more game accurate deco) and Ratbat (who is a retool & redeco of Scourge using the unused head sculpt based on his IDW Senator days).  No word yet on whether Ratbat will see a release from Hasbro or if TakaraTomy will be releasing any more of the unreleased Generations head sculpts from a couple of years ago, rumors of Reflector and Hardhead getting United releases notwithstanding.  This will make for the second release of Ratbat in TakaraTomy's Generations line as the Data Disk version is getting released a couple months prior to this version.

View TG-19 Grimlock and TG-20 Ratba t at TFSource.com.

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