Masterpiece Acid Storm Also Due for an Australian Release?

{mosimage} After news of Masterpiece Soundwave heading for Australia, there's word of another new Masterpiece figure possibly locking its sights on the Land Downunder as well. And it's… Acid Storm?! Check out the following message from griffin of Ozformers:

I asked ToysRUs if any more Masterpiece toys are in their system, hoping it was Sideswipe…. but no, a different Masterpiece toy by Hasbro is coming to ToysRUs at the same time as Soundwave…..

Acid Storm. A green Starscream redeco, to add to the Masterpiece seeker squadron.

Priced at AU$100, it is $20 more than Thundercracker… so could have a similar price increase in America.

So what do you think? Does your Masterpiece Seeker wing need a few more flyers? 

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