Figure King No. 180 Scans

{mosimage} has scans from the most recent issue of Figure King.  In this issue there are new images of the final wave of Arms Micron:  Final Battle Megatron and Jet Vehicon Elite.  Also shown are TakaraTomy's 3rd series of Generations, which includes Kickback, Starscream, Sideswipe (who reportedly comes with Jazz's gun in addition to his own), Ultra Magnus, and Air Raid.  Also included are new images of Masterpiece Rumble and Ravage, including their interaction with Soundwave.  Also featured is the test shot of Encore Fortress Maximus modeling the Master Sword.  Transformers GT's robot and Race Queen art is shown (it mentions that Fortress Maximus will sport a different head design than the Optimus head design) as well as Nightmare Unicron.

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