Ebay SCAM ALERT! Fake MIB Computron gift sets

There's a really awful scam that has been going on for over 2 years now with MIB Computron gift sets on Ebay. Seller going by Qiupaul and Mcdolltutu (and other names) has been making repro MIB Computron boxes, styro, and instructions, stuffing a loose Computron inside, and selling it as a legit MIB item:

Some recent examples…

Link to recent scam auctions

One can tell they're fake because of the missing arrow next to "TECH SPECS Clip and Save!" blurb on the back. TheMint1980 on TFW noticed something was funny with the auctions a year ago, when the same two sellers were selling tons of MIB Computron gift sets. RoboticPlanet on TFW noticed recently that the seller is now selling boxes labeled as repros…

Transformers Autobots Computron Custom Made Box | eBay

While MightGaine was doing the ID guide for the repro box, he looked back at the old "MIB" auctions from the seller, and realized they were missing four of the differences in the clearly labeled repro box, but they still have one of the differences–the missing arrow on the back of the box!! Here's the ID guide…

Quipaul Computron Box ID Guide

It turns out there are actually two versions of the repro box: one used to scam people, and one clearly labeled as a repro box. All those auctions TheMint1980 has been noticing have been scams!!

Conclusion: Qiupaul/Mcdolltutu has been scamming people with fake MIB Computron gift sets for over 2 years now!! Beware!!!  Discuss the scam here.